the secret of the rich

Making Money out of Nothing: The Secret of the Rich

Making Money out of Nothing: The Secret of the Rich Being Rich

Making Money out of Nothing: The Secret of the Rich

Being Rich has nothing to do with one’s place of birth. Whether born fortunate or unfortunate does not determine how much wealth a man can acquire. Time has proven that the wealthiest families in the US are first-generation rich. This means that the rich today started with little or nothing. They earned the wealth you envy today by the simple understanding of value as a unfadable currency, rejected by none. The truth is that everybody and everything needs have a need. Your ability to see these needs could make you rich you know.

Two young men traveled to India for a Holiday back in the pre-industrial era of India. They both saw Indians walking on barefoot. The first saw fun out of it – he made fun of the sight. The second gazed upon the sight for a while and an idea evolved. He didn’t have the money to supply a footwear to a whole country. He went back home, met a local producer of footwear to produce a…

Lesson ->
1. He saw it was painful to walk on barefoot (Problem Identification)
2. He was willing to better the lives of these people (Need Recognition)
3. Had the mindset to meet the need (Value Proposition)
4. He didn’t see any Risk in it (Risk Daringness)
5. Thought it wise to make a few pennies out of it (Receiving Value in Return).

Having a business mindset isn’t about looking for loopholes in people’s lives and proposing to bridge the gap for the sole purpose of making money. A value-driven life is a language of the rich. Poor people only think of how to meet immediate needs. The rich think of a sustainable flow of cash. Building a system that even the government, time, seasons, war, disaster cannot affect. This mindset shapes anybody who must be rich and wealthy.

A poor man will rather secure that job that pays him a cent than go for identify a need. The second young man could have neglected the vision for so many reasons. The uncivilized nature of the people is a very good reason to drop the attempt. Visions are only realized when you make no excuses for it to fail.
If you carry this mindset with you, you could be the next Bill Gate.

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